Camping Fire Extinguisher – Super Help FIRE STOP

Super Help Fire Stop Camping Fire Extinguisher

Your campervan or motorhome and even tent camping kit must have a fire extinguisher. It’s not stressed enough that safety is important! Don’t let everything you love burn to nothing. Importantly, invest in some sort of fire extinguisher.

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  • The Super Help Fire Stop fire extinguisher has special flame retardant fluid that can impregnate a minor fire to stop it from spreading and growing.
  • Importantly, easy to operate.
  • Unique nontoxic formula extinguishes minor fires fast.
  • This small, lightweight extinguisher is ideal for keeping in your car. Addittionally, your camper, campervan, motorhome, boat, camping site or even in your home, for instance.
  • The can comes with a bracket to secure it in your campervan or motorhome.
  • The 400ml fire extinguisher is a great tool that is environmentally safe and ozone friendly


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