As a precursor to a little trip away in the Knumptywagen, we had a strangely dysfunctional day prior to departure. Our local locksmith came out to fit a replacement cylinder lock to the van’s habitation door – a task that should have taken no more than an hour – but then, may the Good Lord bless him and his clever little set of secret-agent tools  – he decided to also have a quick look at our faulty under-seat electronic safe (yes, you heard me right) and spent the next three hours sorting that out, sprawled across the floor of the Knumptywagen, working tirelessly in both an awkward space and the uncharacteristic heat of a summer’s day. This magnanimous act of personal ambition (he refused to charge us any more than his original quote) did however delay  us from loading the van with all that was necessary for our planned trip northwards, to undertake what we’d already decided to christen The Lakeland Loop.

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