The Scottish Borders is easily one of the most underrated regions in Scotland. The region is incredibly rich in history; just think about it, for the Romans, and those troublesome English troops who travelled to invade Scotland, the most logical route was travelling through the Scottish Borders to reach the capital of Edinburgh and sought-after Stirling Castle.

This resulted in battles and skirmishes throughout the Borders, and many fortresses were erected to protect people living there from attack. The English would often leave a trail of destruction when departing Scotland!

The people who lived in the borders became cunning and, slightly barbaric, doing anything and everything to protect their land [even if it meant stealing from their neighbours!].

In this month’s bonus blog post, I’m revealing four of my favourite hidden gems in the Scottish Borders that I think have an interesting story to tell, and my best tips for planning a visit.

NOTE: Some of these attractions are currently closed due to Covid-19, so make sure you check the applicable websites before visiting.

Want to know the most recent rules and travel restrictions in Scotland? Read my Covid-19 guide that is updated every week with the current information.

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