Holly the motorhome was SORNed for four months during the lockdown. We thought she wouldn’t mind after our dash through northern Spain and France to get home before lockdown but she’s a grumpy old girl and registered her objection with a dead starter battery. As soon as she was on the road we got her serviced and MOTd and began to make tentative plans for a couple of quiet trips in Scotland.

Most people we know share a similar dilemma. Should we get out and about while we can, given that there is a rumbling undercurrent of worries that another lockdown might be on the horizon, or should we just stay home and stay safe? We decided to take a middle road and go to a couple of sites we know well, where we’re certain that their Covid preventative measures are the best that they can possibly be. Motorhoming has many advantages in the current climate. You can enjoy healthy outdoor pursuits and a change of scene whilst living in your own little bubble.

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