A few weeks ago I took to our Instagram Stories to poll the crowd with a question that’s been tickling the back of my mind for years… What are the best liberally-minded towns (small cities) in America? I have loved being a city girl but the truth is, the razzle dazzle of a bustling city can feel more draining than we’d like. The times when I am at my most joyful and fulfilled is when out in nature: hiking, paddling, swimming, sailing, running, climbing, and so many other “ings”. San Francisco and New York are both incredible homes when it comes to accessing the outdoors but they still require a plan, a drive, and lots of time. It is part of my five (okay, maybe ten?) year plan to live somewhere amongst the trees.

BEHOLD! A list of recommended spots for all you other small-town seekers not lookin’ to change political parties for fear of communal rejection.

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