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Meet The RVian

Late last year, Rivian’s partnership with Amazon finally bore some fruit – an all-electric delivery van. Amazon is pretty hot on cutting its carbon footprint, though the boxy EV has started turning the imaginative gears in some. The squared-off proportions and...
New Year New hope. – The Grey Gappers

New Year New Hope

Well that was an interesting year, when we started 2020 life seemed so simple, we were getting ready for what we thought would be a fairly different adventure, by driving to Azerbaijan in our lovely Elddis Encore 250 motorhome.Karen sees Buster for the first time....
Cracks in the Shower | Bugger It, we are off –

Cracks in the Shower

Now that we’re back in a house and no longer living fulltime in our Motorhome, we’re in a position where we can get on with some of the bigger maintenance issues we should have done earlier. Shower base showing cracks. Pressure on drain outlets. One of these was over...