Concrete look the countertop was also a dilemma. What to do with the grey formica on top? But we were hesitant, since it is a surface with heavy duty performance. We could paint it, we even saw examples of wallpaper with layers of lacquer. Then we came across a treatment for a concrete look and we loved it right away. This treatment is being used for several purposes in houses, amongst which kitchen countertops. What works for redecorating a regular kitchen would also work for a campervan kitchen, right?The fun thing is that they also sold samples, which were enough for our 0.7m2 surface we had to cover! We needed three things. First, we used a primer which gives some structure and already a base color. Second: the paint for the concrete look. This defines the definite color en gives it the concrete-like structure. It’s a bizarre material to paint with, because it feels like painting with melted marshmallows. But it’s quite easy and really sloppy with a big brush. When it dries the little lumps disappear. What remains: concrete look countertop! After that it’s time for step 3 and the last material: varnish! This is important to get a waterproof finish. Put on several thin layers for the best waterproof result and to not get a whitewash effect.

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