Friday 21 May 2021 – Nido’s parked up at the Llandigige Fawr CL in Pembrokeshire. It’s a nice quiet spot, with the pitches spread out in an L-shape around a wildflower meadow.  We have electric and it’s reasonably level, although we could have used the levellers to even it up a bit.We left home yesterday in decreasingly deteriorating weather, with heavy rain and winds gusting 60mph. We’ve stayed at the Forge CL near Machynlleth before, in August 2017.  It was also a bit wet underfoot that time and we had to park on the tarmac track rather than a grass pitch, to avoid getting stuck.  This time we parked parallel to the track and, this morning, the water was covering the grass, but we were on the level and able to pull away safely. Forge is a lovely little campsite, deep in the countryside, surrounded by steep hills, forest and a fast flowing river alongside.  The owner feeds the red kites at 3pm every afternoon and they normally start circling an hour before, then swoop down to grab the meat scraps he gets from the local butchers. We watched it the last time we stayed here and it was an amazing sight (video on article).

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